Ritual Habit: An electroacoustic music and dance collaboration (2017) – 37 minutes

Dissertation piece, University of Georgia.

Orchestration: four dancers, three percussionists, flute, lever harp, voice, fixed and live quadraphonic electronics



Mr. Mop (2016) – 3 minutes

Orchestration: Performance art electronic piece using samples of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign announcement speech, a Novation Mininova synthesizer, a readymade Donald Trump made out of a mop, and a potty trainer.  Performed by Hanna Lisa Stefansson at Flicker Bar in Athens, GA, 25. February 2016 for the Dada Centennial (sponsored by Ideas for Creative Exploration).



The Tunnel of Quantum Love  (2015) – 4 minutes

Orchestration: stereo fixed electronics

*appears on the album Discordia on the EMPiRES label  



Álfareiðin (The Elfin Ride)  (2015) –  9 minutes

Orchestration: quadraphonic fixed electronics; Hanna Lisa Stefansson, recorded voice



Star Map (2014) – 9 minutes

Orchestration: flute, quadraphonic fixed electronics



Vortex Poles (2013) – 8 minutes

Orchestration: quadraphonic fixed electronics



Falling Into and In Front Of (2013) – 9 minutes

Orchestration: Fixed stereo electronics for musical book (created by Justine Stevens); recorded voice by Hanna Lisa Stefansson



Tin Tingle (2013) – 3.5 minutes

Orchestration: stereo playback of manipulated percussion instruments and synthesis



Noise Sandwich (2013) – 3 minutes

Orchestration: tape (ARP 2500, ARP 2600 synthesizers)



HarMonocle (2012) – 2.5 minutes

Orchestration: tape (on two BR 20T 1/4″ 2-track recorders)



Unveiling Narcissus (2011) – 14 minutes

I. The New Virgins Dream

Interlude I

II. A gift, my dear

III. Light borrowers

Interlude 2

IV. The silt

Interlude 3

V. My x-rayed heart

Orchestration: soprano, percussion trio, fixed stereo electronics



Parrot Circle (2011) – 7.5 minutes

Orchestration: fixed stereo electronics



Clock Monster (2009) – 6.5 minutes

Orchestration: stereo fixed electronics; composed in Csound



In a Can (2004) – 2 minutes

Orchestration: fixed stereo electronics; recorded voice by Hanna Lisa Stefansson




Saltarello Variations (2014 – 2015) – 7 minutes

Orchestration: baritone saxophone, euphonium, tuba



Cannot Contain This (2014)

Orchestration: graphic notation for any instrument(s)



The Magpie’s Recollections (2013 – 2015) – 11.5 minutes

I. Mourning Dove

II. March of Cards

III. Passacaglia

IV. Ambivalence 

V. Bellows 

Orchestration: woodwind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon)



The Pursuit of Scythia (2012 – 2013) – 7 minutes

Orchestration: four violoncellos, double bass, four percussionists



Butterfly Behaviour (2010) – 8 minutes

I. Mud-puddling

II. Xerces Blue

III. Sun Compass

Orchestration: flute, clarinet, violoncello, piano



Tectonic Tableaux (2008) – 6 minutes

I. Vast 

II. Fissure

Orchestration:  violoncello




Rua | Wülf (2012)

A migrating play written and directed by Marium Khalid, performed at The Goat Farm Arts Center, Atlanta, GA.

Composed music for the Forest scene, Rua | Wülf dance scene, and Wolf’s Den scene.

Orchestration: fixed electronics and field recordings



Bob & Bob (2010)

A short film adaptation by Andrew Alonso based on Brian Patrick’s comic of the same name.

Orchestration: fixed electronics



Composer, Pianist