Álfareiðin (The Elfin Ride)  (2015), for quadraphonic fixed electronics; Hanna Lisa Stefansson, recorded voice



Saltarello Variations (2014 – 2015), for baritone saxophone, euphonium, and tuba



Star Map (2014), for flute and quadraphonic fixed electronics



The Magpie’s Recollections (2013 – 2015), for woodwind quintet

I. Mourning Dove

II. March of Cards

III. Passacaglia

IV. Ambivalence 

V. Bellows 



Tin Tingle (2013), stereo playback of manipulated percussion instruments and synthesis



The Pursuit of Scythia (2012 – 2013), for four violoncellos, double bass, and four percussionists



Parrot Circle (2011), stereo playback


Butterfly Behaviour (2010), for flute, clarinet, violoncello, and piano

I. Mud-puddling

II. Xerces Blue

III. Sun Compass



Clock Monster (2009), stereo playback; composed in Csound



Tectonic Tableaux (2008), solo cello

I. Vast 

II. Fissure

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