Dr. Hanna Lisa Stefansson is a pianist and composer of electronic and acoustic music. She was born in Macon, GA as a first-generation Icelandic-American, and has been highly influenced by her two homes. She draws inspiration for her music from nature, literature, ancient cultures, human behaviour, and fantastical themes, and often arranges her music in multi-channel formats in order to immerse the listener in her sound world.

Hanna Lisa is a Limited-Term Lecturer of Music Theory, Composition, and Technology at Georgia State University and is the Area Coordinator of Music Technology. She received her Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Georgia in 2017. Her dissertation, Ritual Habit: An Electroacoustic Music Composition and Dance Collaboration, is a performance piece arranged for four dancers, percussion, flute, lever harp, voice, and electronics. Months of collaboration with a choreographer and the performers culminated in a live performance in which these performers interacted in real time with the music, spatially composed for a quadraphonic venue. This project was supported through a research assistantship with Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE), an interdisciplinary initiative for advanced research in the arts fostering diverse and innovative forms of collaboration. She received her Master of Music degree from Georgia State University in 2011, and her Bachelor of Arts degree from Emory University in 2005.  In addition to dance, she has composed music for film and theater.


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Composer, Pianist